LDR's rough line is comprised of thousands of plumbing sku's made from copper, brass, and plastic.

With LDR's rail system which includes channel and rail cards, and their slanted cut case box design, the rough products are easy to find even on lower shelves.


LDR carries a complete line of high quality fashion plumbing kitchen, bath and laundry products. The product offering covers accessories, organization, and safety.

LDR offers both old school nostalgic items useful when replacing old parts, and cutting edge modern products ready to make any space shine.


LDR offers an extensive line of carded plumbing repair products, specializing in pipe repair, water supply, and sink and faucet repair.

The packaging clearly defines which category the item belongs to and is color coded to size making it very easy for consumers to shop.


LDR has a firm understanding of the retail marketplace giving your retail space a great edge.

LDR's label and UPC color coding system allows easy shopping for the customer and quick restocking by store personnel. The small pack quantities allow for quick turn around.

LDR's ability to customize product assortments, program updates, and competitive pricing makes us the retailers #1 choice.


LDR's two-step distribution process keeps the product easily accessible to the distributor. Global access points, and local headquartered support allow for quick turn around and instant service.