LDR black cut pipe is composed of durable, schedule 40 black steel and is hydrostatically tested and available in sizes to fit residential and light commercial gas and air applications. Our cut pipe has protective durable plastic end caps that help ensure the pipe threads remain undamaged in transport.
* Not for use with drinking water
* Always check your local Plumbing & Gas Codes before starting any piping projects

  • Hydrostatically Tested
  • Steel Construction
  • Made to ASTM A53 specifications
306 12X15

1/2" X 15"Rated maximum 214 psi at 400ºF51500
306 12X18

1/2" X 18"Rated maximum 214 psi at 400ºF51540
306 12X24

1/2" X 24"Rated maximum 214 psi at 400ºF51210
306 12X30

1/2" X 30"Rated maximum 214 psi at 400ºF5935
306 12X36

1/2" X 36"Rated maximum 214 psi at 400ºF5825
306 12X42

1/2" X 42"Rated maximum 214 psi at 400ºF5N/A
306 12X48

1/2" X 48"Rated maximum 214 psi at 400ºF5605
306 12X60

1/2" X 60"Rated maximum 214 psi at 400ºF5605
306 12X72

1/2" X 72" Rated maximum 214 psi at 400ºF5385